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All of Us Home is a short documentary film chronicling the experience of men staying at the SREHUP shelter in Philadelphia. The organization, SREHUP (Student-Run Emergency Housing Unit of Philadelphia) is entirely student run by students from Villanova, Temple, Penn, Drexel, and Swarthmore. It was created with the help of faculty member Stephanie Sena, who saw that her students wanted to get involved with these issues of homelessness awareness. The shelter is only open during the Winter months, and it holds thirty men, all of whom are experiencing homelessness for a variety of different reasons.

In the film, we meet Villanova University students dedicated to seeking change, as well as the men staying in the shelter. Jay Tighe, Lauren Gatti, Pat Williams, and Dan McWilliams, all students from different backgrounds and areas of study, come together on weekend nights to serve these men dinner and have open discussion with them. Jason, Larry, Steve, and Franco are just four of the men they are helping, but these men have just as much of an impact on the students’ lives as the students do on theirs.

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